GET UP AND GO: Split 7"

Aug 08, 2009

A couple of hard rocking Swedish bands lock Viking horns on the vinyl tundra. Get Up And Go’ers’ melodic hardcore reminds me of a tad slower, a tad more dirty, spitty, lower-fi Kid Dynamite. So, yeah, I’m predisposed to like the swelling to burst choruses, catchy slaps of melodies, and lyrics that deal not only – thankfully – with DIY culture and people giving up their dreams for security, but the appreciation of old juke boxes with Johnny Cash and Ronettes selections. I’d like a little more speed, but I’d definitely pick up a full length. Dead End start off on the wrong foot, breaking the “If your soundbite is over 10 seconds, especially at the very beginning, you suck” rule, but they make up ground quickly in a hybrid sound that’s equal parts the poetic penumbra of Marginal Man (with lyrics like “The process of communication never seem to be up for debate so we cover it up in beautiful descriptions,” and the pretty, languid breakdowns) which rips directly into scratchy voiced, vocal tagteaming that makes me think if Dag Nasty’s Dave Smalley gargling Drano. Which is a nice thing to hear when listening to music. Recommended.

 –todd (Bridge, Armed With Anger)

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