May 26, 2008

Here you have two Milwaukee bands teaming up for a 7” that has them covering each other’s songs. Get Rad does hardcore covers of Call Me Lightning’s “Ghosts in the Mirror” and “We Be Dragons” and CML does some covers with a rock’n’roll feel of “Say Fuck No to Rules” and “You Over Rotated” by Get Rad. The fact that the bands covered each other’s songs in their own style as opposed to trying to copy the style of the original makes this record way more interesting. Usually, records like this come out sounding like a train wreck, but these bands definitely know their way around each other’s songs. Totally energetic and fun, even if you aren’t familiar with the band’s original material. Limited to 600, 300 on blue and 300 on clear vinyl. –Dave Dillon 

 –guest (Scenester Credentials)

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