GET HUSTLE: Mad Power/Who Do You Love?: 7"

Aug 08, 2009

One of my favorite releases of the year, by one of my favorite bands. Get Hustle, once from LA, now from Portland, features ex-members of various hip San Diego bands. Some of the neatest art work as well, it’s a must have for record-art junkies. With a new track – “Mad Power,” you get to hear their distinct evolution from rock band (guitar, drum, piano) to cabaret style drama with an organ, piano, and drums, hrobbing organs, delicate piano, jazz drums and the infamous Valentine wailing her strong, possessive voice. It’s as if the Doors made love to Diamanda Galas and Gitane Demone. The second track is a fab cover of Bo Diddley’s “Who Do You Love?” with dancy piano and a gospel feel. You’ll be clapping your hands to this one. Who do you love? Get Hustle, baby. Woo! -Sarah Stierch

 –guest (Gravity)

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