GET DEAD: Bad Dead: CD

Nov 13, 2013

Given that this is a Fat Wreck Chords product that appears to be intentionally designed to give the impression that it might be a Goner Records product, I feared the worst. The truth is that this record is actually pretty interesting—it’s quite well-produced ((and not in a sucky way, either)) and the band’s varied instrumentation is surely more thought-provoking that I ((admittedly unfairly)) was expecting ((when was the last time you heard anybody actually rock the mandolin?)). That said, I’ve really found that the whole tattooed-and-raspy-voiced-and-hard-but-sensitive-proletarian-punk-poet ((who likes the Pogues and Johnny Cash! Don’t forget the Johnny Cash!)) trying-to-communicate-the-profound-sorrow-which-lies-at-the-bottom-of-his-whiskey-glass songwriting point of view lost whatever tenuous grip it might have ever had on my interest well over two decades ago ((which, to be fair, does not necessarily imply that it’s an invalid perspective)), so I’m gonna leave this one to the guys who wear the little cab driver hats down to the bar. Still, a commendable effort. BEST SONG: “The Process” BEST SONG TITLE: “Kerouac’s Teeth” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: There are thirty-eight lines of “thank yous” in the liner notes, and two lines of RIPs.

 –norb (Fat Wreck Chords,