GET BENT: Discography: LP

Jan 19, 2016

I was drunk the first time I heard this, and was definitely not impressed by the emo-leaning, Hot Water Music-style (complete with the second vocalist shouting the last three words of the verses). Then I flipped the record over and, all of a sudden, found myself kind of digging it. “Is drinking that much of an influence on me,” I wondered, “so much that it decides what rocks?” The second time I put it on I was stone sober. Same reaction: first side, not impressed. Second side, I kind of came around. Also, I read the title for the first time (only visible on the second side’s label): Discography. Oh, I get it now—they started out kind of derivative and boring, and then came into their own in the second half of their short-lived existence (they only have ten songs). It’s not a whole lot different in style than the first side but with more unique and defined vocals—and more dynamic and engaging songwriting—that I didn’t mind listening to at all.

 –Craven Rock (Dead Broke)