GET BENT: Discography: LP

Apr 29, 2016

Having listened to Side A of this record in demo format for many years, I was stoked to see this band’s discography being released. Careworn, thoughtful punk that merges the political and the personal in a way that comes off as earnest rather than cloying or demeaning. Jagged melodies akin to the inevitable—there’s a heavy similarity to compatriots Latterman—but also the Insurgent, State Lottery, and RVIVR. The second side seems fuller, the songs busier and still really good, but also a little less nuanced, though maybe that’s simply because I haven’t been listening to those songs for years and years. This is a terrific band, and my only complaint is that no lyric sheet was included—these songs seem smart as hell and it would’ve been nice to finally peruse them in complete and printed form. Regardless, this one’ll definitely spin frequently around here. 

 –Keith Rosson (Dead Broke)

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