Nov 22, 2009

Gestapo Khazi: Dangerhouse-style fingerprints aplenty, and the fingerprints are distinct, not blurry. Explanation: Obscurely referenced, tightly grasped musical details are incorporated onto long-and-widely loved musical icons; think Weirdos mixed with Chuck Berry or The Weasels mixed with The Ventures. This duality even follows with their name. The Gestapo were the king assholes of the Third Reich, as many know, but Khazi, is derived from a 19th Century Cockney word that translates into toilet, which the internet barely knows. Well played, gentlemen. Ebonics: Driving budget garage rock with dirty socks condomed over all the microphones. It suffers from the clarity of the band on the other side, but still retains some Mummies-like charm.

 –todd (Self-released)

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