GERMS, THE: Lexicon Devil: 7"

Oct 08, 2004

Yes ma'am, it's a bootleg, but understandable since even if you can find it on Ebay, it's ridiculously expensive. Lexicon Devil was originally supposed to come out on What? Records, then 1,000 came out on Slash in '78. (But the songs were re-released on the What We Do Is Secret 12" EP.) The songs on this 7" were so good that one of the most terrifying live bands ever to play Los Angeles took one of the songs and named themselves after it. Circle One. Due to the book of the same name - Lexicon Devil - and purportedly three different feature length movies currently being made about Germs frontman, Darby Crash (aka Bobby Pyn, born Paul Beahm), The Germs' deification is currently being cemented into punk rock's mausoleum. History lesson out of the way. Fuck, this recording sounds big and clear with the Germs playing stripped down, barely-able-to-play, dirty, no-frills, mind control punk that stands up as strong as it did as the day it was released. If you haven't heard these tracks, it's well worth picking up for under five bucks at your local record emporium.

 –todd (bootleg)

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