GERM ATTAK: Fear of the Unknown / Lockdown: LP / 7” flexi

Jan 19, 2012

I’m hearing/reading from various sources that this is the final record from these guys. Too bad, I suppose. I thought they were pretty damn good, and had a few more worthy releases in them. This record is no different than anything they’ve done before, but it’s still worth getting, and, if anything, this album only underscores how great they were at what they were doing: early ‘80s punk rock U.K. (via present day Quebec) style like what you would here from labels like Riot City and Clay. The music is charged full of energy, the delivery is urgent and confident, and they blast from song to song without much pause. “Demented Killer” is a rager with its racing tempo, and the bass running just underneath the guitar, but not too far down to disappear. “Face the Reaper” is a bona fide classic. I use that word sparingly, but I can promise you will hear people talk about this song in years to come. So f’n good! It’s one of the songs that I immediately replay as soon as it’s over. Most of the songs on the second side are ragers that go for broke the whole way through. Crank this up and get caught in the whirlwind of songs like “Dead or Alive,” the insane “Crown Attorney,” and “Poisonous Lifestyle.” The when the record is over, start the process over again. Love this record! One of my top ten for 2011. Then there’s the flexi 7” that comes with this. Two songs. The title track is an intense ripper that has a relentless delivery and one that sears into your memory. Then they close out with “Is This Really Hell?”—a bit longer than the first song—but still a crusher. The guitar solos are pretty cool, and add to the urgency. Comes with a massive poster as well.

 –M.Avrg (Loud Punk,