GERM ATTAK: Cruxshadow: LP

Jul 06, 2010

Has this band matured? Their previous releases sounded more in the vein of early Disorder meets Chaos UK. The sound was primarily a raw buzzsaw affair. The current sound is reminiscent of UK82 bands like GBH, Exploited, and the Partisans. But not like a copy; sounding like they actually came from that time period. Only thing missing would have been the use of heavy reverb on the vocals. That was used quite frequently back then. The songs that are played with a more controlled mid-tempo groove come off more melodic and memorable. Instead of being attacked with a distorted din, the songs have an infectious tone to them that makes you want to put a pint in the air and maybe bring back the pogo. I’m really impressed with the growth of this band. Fifteen songs that got repeated listens and deserved the time spent on the turntable.

 –don (Loud Punk)