GERBIA: Lâche L’école: LP

About ten years ago I clamored loudly and repeatedly for French-speaking folks to give up the crackpot quest of singing en anglais, as French was a perfectly serviceable rock language and they couldn’t sound any stupider singing in French than they already did singing in English. I stand by said clamor to this day, although I never banked on the fact that a full album of Francophonia would send me scuttling off to Google® Translate quite the way it does ((for the record, the album title apparently means “Loose School,” and the band name is either Lithuanian for “respect,” or the name of a mythical kingdom peopled by large members of the rodent family)) ((also, for what it’s worth, the band are hardy Quebecois fur trappers, not silly French kniggits)). That largely irrelevant linguistic note aside, this record sounds kinda like what hardcore records started sounding like thirty years or so ago—where, instead of trying to compress itself into a violent new pocket dimension of anger and energy, things started stretching out, with longer songs, and an emphasis on musicianship and getting a good recording. This, to me, was a pretty dopey way to go, since the whole hardcore paradigm was created by and for people who didn’t really give a shit about musicianship or getting a good recording in the first place. Oh well, toute m’énarve! BEST SONG: “Tirez le messenger.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Médiocrité sans frontiers.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Although I’m all for Francophones singing in French, this business with the space between the end of the word and the colon and the not capitalizing all the words in the song titles has really got to go.

 –norb (Corps et records)