Jul 24, 2013

HoZac’s one of my favorite currently active labels because, unlike so many of their colleagues who prefer things safe and cookie cutter predictable, you never really know with any certainty what you’re getting into with one of their releases until the music actually starts. Sure, they have parameters they more or less adhere to, but the breadth of scope leaves enough room for unpredictability and experimentation from both band and label to provide one the opportunity to purloin and repurpose Gump’s “box of chocolates” simile and summarily hang one’s head in embarrassment seconds after typing it. True to form, this release by three-piece outfit Georgia Starlington is a collection of haunting, seemingly opiate-steeped acoustic balladry tempered with hints of psychedelic country western, most of which are imbued with the same visceral quality as the monochromatic negative image of an empty road gracing the CD tray. The average punker will likely be put off by the morose beauty of the songs, but those familiar with the label’s output will find it fits well within HoZac’s oeuvre.

 –jimmy (HoZac,