Jun 29, 2007

Well, band members have names like Kellen Felon and Mark the Mustache, and titles on this five-songer include “I Declare a Scene War,” “1 if by Land, 3 if by Pit,” and “You Don’t Care About the Scene,” if that gives you a hint. Lots and lots of talk about the pit, the scene, pits in the scene, moshing, thrashing, being drunk, being punk and the like. Solos that are so trebly they almost sound like keyboards. Cut-and-paste, nearly illegible artwork. Seems like one of those thrash bands that a lot of us probably formed when we first got into punk and were fired up about it but hadn’t yet delved much beyond the surface. This stuff’s probably really fun for them to play, and they are enthusiastic, but it’s also pretty common fare.

 –keith (George Moshington)