GENTLEMEN OF HORROR: Live in Kelowna: 7”

Jan 11, 2013

This record shouldn’t even be possible. The factors involved fly in the face of logic. A small Canadian town in the early days of punk rock’s transformation to hardcore, a concert held in a public park booked by a fourteen-year-old punk rocker, the same fourteen-year-olds resolve to hold the city to the contract when they tried to cancel it upon discovering that it was a “punk rock concert” and then the fact that someone bothered to think “We should record this” amongst the hail of threats and beer bottles from the audience. Well, all those things happened and the result (albeit thirty years later) is this record. Four of the five songs here were recorded at the above mentioned show in 1981, complete with verbal abuse from the crowd between tracks. The last song is a live track from a hall show in 1982. The sleeve warns that the sound quality is “more horror than music,” but I was left in awe of the dark alchemy Dave Eck worked. It sounds every bit as vital as a punk record in 1981 should sound. I heard there is a GOH “complete recordings” type of release coming soon. I can’t wait.

 –ty (Punk Records,

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