GENTLEMAN JESSE & HIS MEN: Self-titled: 7”

Mar 14, 2007

You may know “Gentleman” Jesse Smith as the bass player for Atlanta’s devastating punk juggernaut, the Carbonas. What you may not know is that this kid can also play guitar and has written two as close to perfect power pop songs as you’re bound to hear this year. “I Don’t Wanna Know (Where You Been Tonight)” will lodge itself in your head indefinitely with its catchier than Chlamydia at a ‘Frisco bathhouse chorus, while “Going Out of My Mind” will make you forget all about those bouncy Pointed Sticks songs you like so much. Your friends will compare them to the mighty Firestarter, perhaps even the Exploding Hearts. And, you won’t be surprised in the least next January when you see Gentleman Jesse’s Douchemaster 7” appear on multiple Top Ten of 2007 lists. Fan-fucking-tastic.

 –benke (Douchemaster)