GENEVA13 #20: free in Geneva, $2 to get mailed, 8½” x 5½”, copied, 32pgs.

Jul 03, 2014

I wish every town and city had a zine like this. This zine puts the biggest emphasis on a local city town—in this instance, Geneva, New York—I’ve ever seen. It’s great. This particular issue has interviews with the store owners and artists of Linden Street. This focuses on the people just as much as their businesses. Nothing is out of context, which, while making the interviews pretty long, let’s you read exactly everything that was said. There are interviews with the people of the post office, an upholstery shop, a muralist, insurance company, bank, wine bar, and lounge. These things may not sound all too exciting, but they all delve deep into their stories and what drives their businesses. I love this zine because it reminds you how complex and unique every single individual is. It’s a celebration of the community they live in. I think more cities should take note. –James Meier (Geneva13 Press, PO Box 13, Geneva, NY 14456)