GENEVA13 #18: $3, $2, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, copied, 60 pgs.

Mar 07, 2013

This issue of Geneva13 focuses on apples. Geneva, New York is lousy with apples, has a long history of apples, and has the honor of been the locus of sixty-six invented apple varieties. Through a series of interviews, recipes, DIY hard cider instructions, and photos, I learned more about apples in sixty pages than I ever previously knew about apples. I found it fascinating. The cornerstone of G13 is its in-depth interviews, which take up the bulk of this issue. These interviews cover the entire lifecycle of apples: from seedlings, through blossoming, from harvest to farmers markets, road-side stands, and supermarkets. The science of apple genetics is covered by Professor of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Susan Brown. The commerce of how an apple gets to market is discussed by Joe Nicholson, the owner of Red Jacket Orchards, a family-run business since 1958 that oversees six hundred acres of fruit trees. The labor of picking fruit is addressed in a bilingual interview with José Ochoa, a local apple and hops harvester, with the translation provided by José’s daughter, Maria. Geneva13 is one of my favorite zines. It’s a high watermark for what community-based zines should strive for. I urge everyone to seek it out. –Todd (Geneva13 Press, PO Box 19, Geneva, NY14456, [email protected])