GENEVA13 #18: $2, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, printed, 59 pgs.

May 08, 2013

In this issue of Geneva13, they take on apples, peeling away the mysteries of the fruit, squeezing the juice out of every morsel, and planting the seed… okay, I’ve flogged that metaphor long enough. Geneva13 is one of my favorite zines. The writing is always strong, the stories and interviews are interesting, and most of all, Geneva13, in their words, is a “love letter” to Geneva, New York. A highlight in this issue is the interview with a local apple grower. I grew up in Michigan picking apples and blueberries, but that was the extent of my experience working on large orchards. And, quite frankly, the work was difficult. I worked long hours in the dusty, hot sun while all my friends were at the beach, drinking beers with pretty girls. An interview with a self-described “businessman with a passion for farming” illuminates the apple-growing industry and tackles the migrant worker controversy as well. An interview with a migrant worker also relates some of the story from his viewpoint. Lastly, the interview with a scientist, Susan Brown, from the NY Agricultural Experimental Station, is honest and intelligent. If you’re interested in how apple varieties are discovered and created, the dialogue with Professor Brown is a crisp and delicious treat. –Steve Hart (Geneva13 Press, PO Box 13, Geneva, NY, 14456)

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