GENEVA13 #16 : $3, 8 ½” x 5 ½”, 60 pgs.

Apr 27, 2012

I’ve read reviews of this zine for a while and have always wanted to check it out. The premise: hefty quarterly publication, dealing with and produced by the immediate community (its border is the thirteen-mile radius around Geneva, NY). This issue’s theme is creative reuse, and the bulk of this is three long interviews—one man makes instruments out of garbage, another works to fix up and preserve antiquated steam-powered machinery, and one couple makes furniture out of reclaimed wood. It’s wonderful to see an ethic, format, and purpose that I mostly know through punk applied completely outside of its arbitrary subcultural borders so effectively, and I can only imagine that this zine is a complete treasure to many people in this town. The hyper-local focus in no way makes this any less compelling or interesting outside the thirteen-mile radius, and my favorite detail lay in the magical ring that the second interview subject had when he summed up his vocation: “preserving steam.” ­(PO Box 13, Geneva, NY 14456,

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