GENEVA13 #15 : $?, 8 ½” x 5 ½” copied, 61 pgs.

Sep 23, 2011

Geneva13 is a zine about the local community in Geneva, NY. This issue is focused mainly on pizza places in the area, but there’s some other stuff like poems and record reviews. I’m definitely going to pick up Under the Cover Vol. 2 after reading what Matt Werts’s had to say about it. The bulk of the issue is about Cam’s, a pizza restaurant that’s been open since 1980 and sounds like a kind of town center where everyone in Geneva has congregated at some point in their lives.The interview with the brother and sister owners is very long, which I like a lot. The interviewer knows how to give them space to talk. This zine is definitely made with love. –Katie Dunne (Doug Reilly, Kevin Dunn, PO Box 13Geneva, NY14456)

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