GENERATORZ, THE: Straight Outta Sin City: CD

Sep 21, 2009

This is the insurgent riot-incitin' sound of brick-tossin' streetpunk brazenness... angry, unrelenting, and aggressively in-your-face! The Generatorz mayhemically mix "old school" insolence with a blazin' bit of oi confrontationalism and sonically set the entire world aflame with their seditious skull-fracturin' songs about social class struggles, hellish junkie life, bein' down-and-out in the city slums, suicide, frustration, touring, punk and oi unity, and revolution in the streets. The vocals are passionate, vigorous, and downright piss-inspiring (both the big bad manly bulldog growlings and the brightly upbeat sweet'n'coy lil' girl wailings); the guitars furiously flare and flame like fiery conflagrations of flesh-scorchin' ferocity; the bass and drums ballistically bounce all over the fuckin' place in a brutish display of warrioristic wildness. Oi, oi, oi... The Generatorz are the aurally rebellious revolutionaries of today's disaffected youth... give 'em a listen, and you'll be tossin' molotov cocktails at fascistic authoritarian assholes in no time at all!

 –guest (Mad Butcher, KOB)

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