Sep 21, 2009

This is a swift audial kick in the head that's all-at-once melodious, mayhemic, and maniacally frenetic! It's sizzlin' bad-to-the-bone streetpunk belligerence... anarchic, nihilistic, and insurgently addictive... harmonious, harried, and relentlessly hard-hitting! The Generators sonically careen all over the fuckin' place while bombastically beltin' out a blistering blitzkrieg of ferociously wild ear-scorchin' intensity. I swear on vicious Sidney's syringe-strewn gravesite (if he actually had one, of course) that the skull-pummeling punkrock mini-riots contained herein sound uncannily like a violently blended maelstrom of the early Who (strange but true!), The Clash, UK Subs (especially them!), a smidgen minuscule amount of Minor Threat, New Model Army, Leatherface, a bit of early Rancid, and bastardized bucketloads of U.S. Bombs. This ruthlessly raging disc is where the next/new generation of chaos-inspired punkrock revolt begins... join forces with The Generators, or surrender all hope and meekly die!

 –guest (TKO)