GENERATION SUICIDA: Edicion Especial Para Lantinoamerica: Flexi

Jan 19, 2016

First things first: I listened to the first thirty seconds of this on the wrong speed and it was fantastic, so when you finish reading this review and inevitably buy this record, make sure to do the same. Now that it’s running at the appropriate 45 RPM, it is still ripping hard. I know there’s been a minor amount of hype behind this band for the last year or so but, I for some reason, have not heard them until now. The songs are both mid-tempo romps that reminds me in part of early Finnish punk (the punk punk not the hardcore punk) and have a feel like the Rayos X singles (they apparently share members so that makes sense) but is more melodically driven than Rayos X. The guitar tone is clean and the bass drives the music while the drums maintain a pretty basic presence in the background and leave room for the vocals to carry the tune on the top. The recording and style is still really rough around the edges, but it seems very calculated an intentional. This style of punk is really my bread-and-butter and these folks are nailing it here. Track this down and buy it!

 –Ian Wise (Going Underground)

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