GENERAL ADMISSION MUTT #2: $2, 8½” x 11”, copied, 22 pgs.

Apr 28, 2016

This is less of a traditional punk zine than a curated collection of shining moments: a classified ad for R.L. Stine’s dream journal, a poorly translated Spanish essay about a day in the life of Conan O’Brien, a coupon that excuses me from apologizing for something, and a lengthy email from “Dave Grohl” that features the line, “I’m glad you asked about the documentary ‘cause the one location we didn’t get to do an episode of Sonic Highways was Somalia.” Despite the impression I may be giving, GAM #2 actually doesn’t suffer from that scatterbrained feeling that so many similarly “random” zines have—somehow the editor’s sense of humor and occasional moments of unexpected candor tie it all together into something that feels like a tangent-riddled but legitimately hilarious conversation with some thoughtful punk weirdo. There’s also a review section that abruptly drops the post-ironic thing and offers some sincere, well-developed insight on recent releases by Beach Slang, Pleasure Leftists, and Night Birds. Didn’t see that one coming, huh? These are immediately followed by “a transcription of a totally real call made to NPR’s syndicated talk radio program ‘Car Talk,’ presented in Comic Sans.” As with any respectable publication, increasingly bitter social media statuses from a not-quite-alternate reality Greg Ginn are sprinkled throughout. (General Admission Mutt, PO Box 9, NY, NY 10034,