GENDERS, THE: Self-titled: CDEP

Jan 31, 2008

...this may be my favorite thing i got to review this month (which ain’t saying much, lemme tell ya). The Genders lunge and dart thru everything from Tel Aviv Cock Rock (“Horatio” [“hey mama, my name is Horatio / I perform cunnilingus in return for fellatio”]) to Troggs-pound (“When I Grow Up [I wanna be a fuckin’ stoner]”) to what the Goo Goo Dolls used to sound like when they were actually good (“Scream”) to very drunken Tommy James & the Shondells (“Sharlene”) to Israeli Figgsism (“We Awright”) to flat-out-tell-it-like-it-is-Jack-ism (“[They Wouldn’t Let Ya In the] KKK”), all with a certain amount of both mastery and irreverence, but, to my forward-thinking mind, the best thing about this EP is that you can not only download it for free off the band’s website (, but you can also download the minimal cover art, which can be faithfully reproduced on a simple hunk of pink copy paper—WHICH MEANS, IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT, that you know how in various science fictional tales, the advanced futuristic and/or alien society which the generally backwards protagonist finds himself thrust into shocking contact with almost always has some sort of “matter synthesizer” where they can program their 30th Century Microwave or whatever to output any manner of food or drink or consumer good possible? DIG IT, BROTHERS: THE FUTURE IS NOW! Using your “matter synthesizer,” you can now, AMAZINGLY, replicate The Genders EP from half a world away, in the privacy of your own home! No salesman will call! Unfortunately, i can no longer sustain this review as i am hard at work attempting to calibrate my “matter synthesizer” to ready a Korean all-girl high school field hockey team for home delivery.Tel Aviva Las Vegas! BEST SONG: “Scream” BEST SONG TITLE: “We Awright” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Whoever put the lipstick kissy-mark on my copy has a really small mouth.

 –norb (The Genders; )

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