GEISHA GIRLS: Self-titled: 12” EP

Feb 21, 2008

There’s definitely a strong Gang of Four feel here, with Robert Smith-ish vocals, which may sound like charted territory in their own rights. Geisha Girls have created something that is interesting and inventive, without coming off as overly arty. The bass and drums seem to keep everything grounded as the guitar or vocals ventures, giving it a balanced and full sound. The bassist is also in the Checkers, and the drums are the sweet beats of none other than Sexual Chocolate of the Four Letter Words. The recording (by Lavin of Civic Minded Five and Dan of No Fraud) captures the rawness without sounding muted or hollow. Only 500 copies made (on three different colors of vinyl, no less) available directly through the band or Disgruntled mailorder.

 –megan (jsr, [email protected])