GEISHA GIRLS: In the Monotone: 7"

Jul 25, 2007

It's never a good thing when the record's meant to be played at 45 rpm, but seems like it would be better at, I don't know, 100 rpm. Ack. I blame my complete and total sugar addiction and immaturity for not really liking this. I need fast songs that make me jump up and down! Yes, I am really that stupid! This is early ‘80s-ish new wave, but not at all in a 20/20, The Beat, kind of way. More, um, collegey? More, uh, graduate school? If this were a cereal, it'd be one of those cereals that are in the health foods aisle instead of the regular cereal aisle, so only the non-plebeians buy 'em. Ack!

 –maddy (Project Infinity)

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