GEHENNA: Land of Sodom II & O.D.R.I.E.P.: EP + CD & Flexi

Nov 15, 2011

As anyone who’s ever been privy to experiencing their Negotium Perambulans in Tenebris album can attest, one doesn’t so much listen to Gehenna as be assaulted by them. Void is the only band I can think of at this moment that can swim the dark mooshy waters between hyper-speed hardcore and metal in such fucked up ways and not only get away with it, but somehow carve a psychopathic cubbyhole all their own. Wave after wave of bludgeoning sonic virulence comes crashing down on you in short, sharp wallops, and just when you think you’re coming up for air, here comes another to drag you gasping down to the bottom. Collected here is a “redux” of an earlier release that apparently had some availability issues when first released, plus a CD with the Upon the Gravehill album in its entirety accompanying the tracks from the vinyl. The flexi, a limited edition item available only by ordering the EP directly from the label, consists solely of a barnburner of a cover of DRI’s “Yes Ma’am,” recorded during the sessions for the aforementioned Negotium album.

 –jimmy (A389)