GEE STRINGS, THE: Bad Reputation: 7"

Jul 09, 2009

I’ve often sat and pontificated: What would have happened if Penelope Houston of the Avengers didn’t become a big, German adult contemporary pixie after her divorce from punk rock, and instead secretly was in a German band that fucking ripped it in relative obscurity? Weirder things have happened. If we didn’t have stuff like history, facts, and figures, you can just lay back and imagine The Gee Strings picking up where the Avengers dissolved. I can bask in that quite nicely. The b-side, “Dullish,” is the gem. No flabby skin, no reek of cashing in, just perfect punk. The cover of the tune that Joan Jett made famous, “Bad Reputation,” ain’t too shabby, either.

 –todd (Stereodrive! c/o Green Hell)