Jul 27, 2009

Jean-Luc at Headline Records convinced me to pick up a copy of this album. He told me that they sounded just like the Avengers, but with something more to it. And he’s right. Like the Avengers, The Gee Strings have really cool female vocals and good melodies. But there is something more to The Gee Strings. I wouldn’t say that they’re better than the Avengers. Just that The Gee Strings have learned how to speed up the mid-tempo, catchy songs. There’s a good variety to the songs, so that, even though all the songs do have a lot in common with each other, listening to the album doesn’t sound like you’re listening to the same song twelve times in a row. And, if you listen to it enough, each song is guaranteed to get stuck in your head for one full day. If you’re thinking that you need to listen to more female-fronted bands, here’s a good place to start.

 –sean (Dead Beat)

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