GEARS, THE: Rockin: CD

Dionysus reissued this album over a year ago, but since they were nice enough to send it to me and because it’s such a good album, I figured I’d review it. This is a reissue of the Gears 1979 album, “Rockin’ at Ground Zero,” plus their “Let’s Go to the Beach” EP. The original is a great album. The Gears played a twisted kind of sixties, Southern California rock’n’roll, kind of like a greaser Clash before The Clash went disco. You can hear the hot rods in the parking lot and bounce along with Axxel G. Reese’s singing and feel like dancing and even get invited to dance with “Don’t Be Afraid to Pogo.” You can also hear very clearly who dominated the Cramps stereo before the Cramps started a band of their own, or who X started out ripping off. I guess it’s always this way, but I still get surprised when I think of bands like the Cramps and X garnering all the praise for being punk visionaries while listening to the Gears and seeing where that vision came from. And, unlike a lot of old punk reissues, the Gears really could play and still sound cool in 2001. I’m just stoked to have this on CD.

 –sean (Dionysus)