G.D. LUXXE: Between Zero & Eternity: CD

Feb 21, 2008

You are in your twenties now, slowly but surely pushing thirty. You grew up on punk, embraced the spirit of DIY, moshed when it was still called slam dancing. You developed a goth fetish, bought Sisters of Mercy albums, started dressing in black. You graduated high school, started hanging out at clubs, started listening to techno, started dreaming about Berlin. You got older and started to wonder what was next. You dabbled in seemingly every subculture when you were young and, now that you are an adult, can you find a place where the influences collide? Enter Between Zero and Eternity, the latest album from GD Luxxe (aka Gerhard Potuznik). Here, the dark, sparse electronics of the nuclear winter in your mind go head-to-head with a rock rhythm as frenzied as that pit where you once took a Doc Marten to the eye as the vocals exude the sort of intense heat that prompt bouts of teenage longing. Were you still sixteen, you would be sweating Kabuki make-up right about now. In your room, listening to this album, trying to decide whether or not, at your age, it is still appropriate to jump on the bed in time to the beat, you realize that G.D. Luxxe is the sound of the future. It is music without the now-requisite new wave nostalgia, without the more forward-retro-minded acid house nostalgia. It is the sound that may just carry you and your friends into the next phase of life.

 –liz (Ersatz Audio)

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