GAYE BLADES: I’d Brave Anything for You: 7”

Mar 17, 2008

Good time, bathhouse rock’n’roll from the sexy, shirtless, and unshaven Gaye Blades, Jared Swilley of the Black Lips (holding an appropriately phallic sawed off shotgun on the record sleeve), and Bobby Ubangi of the Lids. The song titles are winningly hysterical—“Whore Hunt,” “Treat Me Like a Man,” “Pulling Out,” and “Keep Your Hands (Off of My Baby)”—and any one of them could have appeared on Swilley’s and Ubangi’s other musical projects’ albums. “Treat Me Like a Man” is in the same vein as the Black Lips “Dirty Hands,” and “Pulling Out” could have been a hidden track on the Lids Rip Off album. The homoerotic shtick is carried through to full effect with both band members writing the other a love letter, but it doesn’t overshadow the simple catchiness of the tunes.

 –benke (Rob’s House / Die Slaughterhaus, /

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