Jul 03, 2009

This is Gay Witch Abortion’s first release. It’s easy to view the album as more of an afterthought of theirs—like making 1” buttons—since ninety-five percent of their existence has been spent playing shows, making ears bleed, girls swoon (girl, actually… one I know), running a relay, and definitely not putting out records. In a way, it’s something we should be thankful for: they have been busy playing shows that many have had the good fortune to see. And now that there is a record of it we can be thankful for that, too. It is a solid recreation, and fully captures the cephalic vibratos and punk with meth teeth of their band. If someone could make having your face lacerated by a guitar and getting gut shot by a drumstick into a jazz, they would probably call it Gay Witch Abortion.

 –Andrew Flanagan (Self-released,