GATOS SALVAJES, LOS: Complete Recordings: CD

Dec 13, 2007

Los Gatos were one of the big names in Argentina’s rock scene of the late-’60s/early-’70s. Their single “La Balsa/Ayer Nomás” was a huge hit in their home country and brought the band great success in the ensuing years. Before all of that, however, they were Los Gatos Salvajes, a small but potent band heavily influenced by Britain’s Merseybeat sound and not-so-small fans of the Beatles. In this first incarnation’s short career, they managed a few singles and a full-length, all of which, while not over the top like U.S. bands like the Wailers and the Sonics, are competent additions to the genre and show the seeds of what was to come later. This is the first international CD release of Los Gatos Salvajes’ repertoire, featuring their full-length, singles and B-sides, live tracks and some home recordings of lead singer Litto doing a little composing, and no doubt a welcome one, seeing as they’ve become something of a cult band amongst Beat fans. In all, this is some good stuff for those sympathetic to the genre.

 –jimmy (No Fun)