GATEWAY DISTRICT, THE: Some Days You Get the Thunder: CD

Nov 22, 2009

The first track on this album is a roaring garage punk gem and the voice screaming, “Now my body shakes like an exit sign/ It helps keeps track of time,” has been stuck in my head all week. The packaging that comes with the CD is great and it includes a full-color, sixteen-page booklet with interesting collages behind handwritten lyrics. There’s also a black and white photo of the band on the back cover, and they’re all cute as hell. The aforementioned “Keeps Track of Time” and a track called “Highway Song” are the best efforts on this CD. I wasn’t really into the rest of the album because of the vocals, which are kind of low and warbling (think high schoolers trying to sing like Danzig). The vocalists really ought to stick to screaming, because those songs are where they do sound great.

 –Lauren Trout (It's Alive)

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