GASOLINE: Take It to the People: CD

Jan 29, 2009

Japan’s Gasoline is truly a sight to behold. They ripped a new one to each and every member of the crowd that was lucky enough to witness the all out rocking at the Garage in beautiful sunny Los Angeles. Singer Gan glides effortlessly through a host of front man antics including the James Brown, getting’ so down, he has to crawl all over the stage while he dons a majestic shameless metallic purple embroidered cape; inducing the crowd to lay low during a hushed portion of their cover of “Shout” by the Isley Brothers then commanding them to leap to their feet at his discretion; as well as a full frontal cover of The Pack’s classic punk anthem “Nobody Can Tell Us.” Man, these Japanese soul bros take it to the heart! So, Todd Taylor was nice enough to pop over their latest full length CD, courtesy of the fine folks at Estrus records. It starts off with a swampy blues harmonica thang – Take It To The People (which they reprise at the end of the vinyl version, but what do you know the CD version actually has more bonus tracks – get smart and buy the CD version will ya, cause they’ve got classics like “We Are Gasoline” for your edification) but don’t fall asleep on that sweaty Mississippi porch yet my friends because Pearl Harbor #2 is goin’ off right in your ear! There’s a consistent garage punk tone but it’s laden with hefty servings of soul sonic reduction Detroit rock and early rhythm and blues influences to keep your feet moving and your butt shaking. Gan gets downright gutwretchingly blues vocaled out (he’s a virtual Japanese Son House), Hiroshi anchors the tunes with precision bass lines, and drummer Shuhei hits ‘em hard babies! Mr. Tim Kerr takes the reigns and makes it swing. Take It To The People is another instant classic from Japan that belongs in your record collection. Can I get an amen?

–nam (Estrus Records)