GASCHAMBER: Kairos Will Erase: Cassette

First of all, I’ve got to say this packaging is gorgeous. Hand screened image of a bird, on cardstock that’s been origami-ed around this cassette case. The sounds inside though, are absolutely eerie and terrifying for ninety percent of the release. Gas Chamber is super creepy, yet makes tranquil and atmospheric noise collages. It emits a feeling of wandering around the woods near the water with faint reminders of a highway in the distance. A few minutes in sounds of wind, chills, creaking wood, and rippling water creep in. Then gradually sounds of shouting come in like a residual memory of domestic violence hidden in nature. In their insert they describe the release as “a gash into their home life.” Ambient, yet frightening and sorrowful. Sporadically, they crash into instruments with a full band that sounds like Nux Vomica. This record could easily be the soundtrack to a Silent Hill game; this stuff gets right under your skin. I listened to this as autumn weather slowly crept in and it gave me chills.

 –Kayla Greet (Peterwalkee,