GAS STATION OF LOVE: Brown Tongues Are No Different Than the Pink Ones: CD-R

The cover looks like the graphic design work of a twelve-year-old child in 1993. There’s a pic of five young men sitting on the porch of a dilapidated house painted with peace signs, with the name of the band, songs, and the recording in old computer text blocks plastered on top. Certainly didn’t know what to expect, but the noisy experimental first track caught my attention. The second track, with its decent guitar and mocking of hipsters kinda lost my attention. Another all right experimental track popped up before the last song, which was a crappy jab at pretentious Californians. The project’s Facebook leaves me with the impression that this dude is trying to be offensive for its own sake, which has seemed rather adolescent to me since, well, when I was an adolescent. 

 –Vincent (Self-released)