GARY WRONG: “Mayhem Troopers” b/w “Heroin Beach”: 7”

May 08, 2013

There’s something in the water down south, and these cats from Alabama have sure been drinkin’ it. Ex-Wizzard Sleeve (if that means a shit to you), drugged-up kids on the Hozac tip. I dunno man, imagine if all those obscure Killed By Death records were influenced by Can and Hawkwind and a handful of PCP. It’s drug music, dangerous music, music to kill or be killed by. It’s punk music. Dig in freaks, this one is worth the admin price. In case you have any idea what I’m talking about, one of the two songs is a Cortex cover, twisted synth psych. This shit is fucked up.

 –Tim Brooks (Bat Shit,