GARY WAR: Anhedonic Man: 7”

I got this to review a long time ago. Part of the reason it took me so long to get to it is because I was uncertain if it should be played on 33 or 45 rpm. Although I’m pretty positive now it should be 33, in my book, that’s not a good sign. Come on, friends! Give a girl a clue! If I played it on 45, the music seemed way too fast (although could definitely be right if they’re aiming for techno or something), but the vocals sounded okay. If I played it on 33, the vocals sound a little tooooo sllooow. But, there are loads of effects on them, regardless, so that could be what they’re going for. You see the conundrum? Regardless, as I said, I’m pretty positive it’s 33. Either way, it’s electronic music that sounds like they’re tooling around in space with Gary Numan. Brings to mind Air a little bit. A keyboard and male vocals with piles of effects recorded on a Tascam 3 track. Not my cup of tea, but perhaps nice for a soundtrack at a planetarium.

 –Jennifer Federico (Hell, Yes!,