GARRISON, THE: Subversion: CD

Mar 27, 2012

The Garrison plays punk reggae with strong political lyrics. They’re from Malaysia and the singer El Pheng has a really cool accent / English lyric pronunciation. As influenced by actual reggae as they’re influenced by The Clash, these guys are seriously rebellious, but still know how to create happy-sounding music, even if the lyrics are primarily about despair. Subversion is very, very catchy, with a level of vitality that’s rarely present in records by bands in scenes that have been around forever. Global capitalism sucks, but at least global DIY punk is one of its byproducts. Some of the specific politics discussed in the lyrics aren’t easily understood outside of Malaysia, which adds to the charm. There is nothing not to like here, and it is way less contrived sounding than similar stateside groups. These guys are definitely having more fun than the stoners listening to Bob Marley in your local campus dormitory.

 –Art Ettinger (Knot,

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