GARMONBOZIA: Self-titled: LP

Jan 31, 2008

This is, hands down, the most interesting release I have to review for this issue. The main instrument of focus here is not the guitar but the cello. That does not fit into the norm of what is considered punk these days. All the basic instruments are represented here: guitars, bass and drums. But the cello is pulled a hair above the rest of the mix. This creates a unique sound that fits in well due to the bass-heavy tone of the instrument. Add a haunting female vocal that screams with a piercing shriek to yells of rage. Backing the vocals is another female vocalist whose voice interplays with the horror of it all. The slow, moody music that appears to be enchanting can turn in a second, going full force with d-beat rage with crust overtones. The cellist does not back down when things rage forth. She kicks it into high gear with the rest of the band. Reminded me heavily of what is being played by the Norwegian black metal bands.

 –don (Profane Existence)