GANON: In the Dead of Sleep: CDEP

Sep 05, 2006

I can’t think of the last record I heard that I hated this much. In fact, I can barely imagine a record I’d hate more than this. Here are some things it has: calculated emotional manipulation via “pretty” vs. “brutal” parts, unintelligible hemorrhoid vocals, and titles like “The Calm of Unlight” (“unlight” being, I suspect, what you and I call “dark”). Here are some things it doesn’t have: joy, enthusiasm, actual rock music, or engaging riffs. Furthermore, from what I can tell (which is not much since I left the home video game market shortly after the introduction of the groundbreaking Atari 5200) they’re named after a character from a Nintendo game, which either proves that they do have a sense of humor or that they don’t. I do kind of like the cover art though: picture of a birdie.

 –doug (Acerbic Noise Development, LLC)