Gang Buster: There’s no pic of ‘em, but judging from the songs about killing rich people, fighting, shit-licking politicians, and a cover of Agnostic Front’s cover of Iron Cross’s “Crucified for Your Sins,” my guess is they be baldies. Music’s rudimentary and the lyrics are of the variety of English where it’s clear they would’ve been better off sticking to their native language to get their point across. Senza Tregua: Italian skinhead stuff, better overall in writing and delivery than their discmates, but the repeated “oi oi oi” chants are silly considering how non-Cockney they be. Oh, and for the record, the grumbly, snarly vocal style is soooo passé. How about trying to emulate someone else for a change, like, Tiny Tim? Emo Phillips?

 –jimmy (Prohibited Projects)