GAMITS, THE: Come Get Some: CDEP

Jul 10, 2009

This band is kinda popular in my home burg, i think, but i don't think i ever cared enough to go see 'em, and, for whatever reason, i was thinking that i heard that they were a ska-ish outfit, "but good" (if there's an emoticon for eyeball-rolling, it goes here), and that's the platform from which i approached my first known contact with the band. As this is, apparently, a reissue of their first 7" plus bonus tracks, i spent a fairly sizable chunk of time trying to figure out how a band that sounded so Fat-like (i think? i don't speak from a position of great knowledge on the genre) (thankfully) and snot-slick got the ska bug, until i eventually realized that i think i was thinking of the Gadjits, not the Gamits, which more or less rendered all my observations inert, and i don't really feel compelled to listen to this again whilst not dwelling on how they effected a transformation to ska which, in fact, was not effected (i think...unless i am NOT confusing them with the Gadjits? Oy vey...), so all i can say is that if i was a fan of this band's later recordings, which i am not, i imagine i would be a fan of this too. Worth keeping around for their killer fucking cover of "There's

A Place" by the Beatles though, which would have been even killerer had i not heard the Dickies do it a couple o' years ago. The bonus tracks are from practice sessions, and sound slicker than my band's real records. Do these people just emerge from the womb smothered in a perpetually-regenerating afterbirth of liquid Teflon? or what? WORST SONG TITLE: "Song About a Song"  BEST SONG: "There's a Place"  FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: That first Beatles album is really good. You should get it today.


 –norb (Not Bad)