GAMITS, THE: Antidote: CD

Jan 31, 2008

This wins the official Worst Album of the Reviewing Cycle award! Over-produced, nasal vocals, sung like the way MTV punk bands sing, “poetic” lyrics like, “I’ll invite you all to my pity party/I’m the host tonight/ Serving up my pride.” For real! Luckily, I had my friend and music critic extraordinaire Nate Paisano helping me out with reviews this time, or I would have either killed myself or OD’ed on Lucky Charms in a panic of confusion and ear death! I heard these guys threatened legal action against another Gamits from Madison, Wisconsin. Interesting, because I think Grant Hart could go after ‘em for stealing the “Pink Turns to Blue” riff on one of their tunes. In fact, given the circumstances, I would encourage it! If this were a cereal, it’d be Lucky Charms with no marshmallows.

 –maddy (Suburban Home)