GAMITS, THE: A Small Price to Pay: CD

Aug 08, 2009

What do you think of when you think of Colorado? I would venture a guess that most people think of skiing, hemp clothed hippies, or the Denver Broncos. When I think of that state, my mind always drifts to the wonderful folks at Suburban Home Records and their hardest working band, the Gamits. Under your nose, they have been striking out from the land of those powdery slopes and touring the shit out of this country. Chris, Forrest, and Matt have lived, breathed, ate, shit, and played their music and it shows on this new record. They deliver fun, tight, energetic poppy punk rock that is refreshing and genuine. I feel like the Gamits are one of this country’s most under appreciated secrets. This is the record to buy for your kid brother when he asks for a Blink 182 record. –Nathan Grumdahl

 –guest (Suburban Home)

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