GALLUCI: Click to Switch: USB Card

The first half of this is mostly guitar-only, instrumental experimental/post-rock from Australia. This is actually okay, but in a kind of music for musicians type of way. Or maybe in a “put on in the background” type way. I mean, it is fairly pretty music and never devolves into sounding like those wanky wannabe Randy Rhoads/Stevie Ray Vaughn guys that are in every Guitar Center I’ve ever been in. About halfway through the album, some rhythm instruments show up, and some songs start getting lyrics. The music still stays in the same kind of arty, indie vein, but it does pick up a little—shall we say—”umph”? Maybe a little too ethereal for its own good at times, but never anything offensive to the senses. Two things of note: these guys name a song “Song for D. Boon to Sing,” and get Mike Watt to throw down some spoken word on a track called “Ode to the Ship ‘Tainer” and some bass on another songs. Not to mention there is some Steve Mackay saxophone contributions. So these guys are cool in my book.

 –Adrian Salas (Diepunkdeath, [email protected])