May 28, 2014

One of those strange amalgams that succeed flawlessly: dense, riff-heavy, melodic, and mercilessly catchy punk fronted by a veritable sasquatch of a monster on vocals. In lesser hands it’s a combination that wouldn’t work, but this record just decimates. Vocalist Peter Woods (a Milwaukee noise artist, and brother of Direct Hit’s Nick Woods, who plays bass on this record) bellows some of the most bleak, brutal, and poisonous lyrics I’ve read in years, and there’s a certain joy in that catharsis, you know? Buoyed by the melodies and velocity of the songs, this is kind of what I wished Off With Their Heads had sounded like the first time I’d heard them. Anyway, We’re Fucked is a stunning, ferocious batch of songs that I’ve listened to dozens of times in the short amount I’ve had it, and I can’t recommend it enough. May actually be the record of the year for me. Variants of the word “fuck” are used no less than forty-six times on this album. 

 –keith (Lost Cat)